Umbra, what is it ?

Umbra is a short animation that tells the story of a little girl that is afraid of the dark. So, she sleeps with a night-light on but once asleep, creepy shadows pursue her in her dreams. One night, she decides to fight back those monsters.

With Umbra, I wanted to convey the idea that to get ahead in life and to face our own fears, we must achieve a work on ourself.

The shadows evoke something bigger than the fear itself, they allude to the shadows inside us that we must fight and the need to acknowledge their existence beforehand. This animation talks also about the passage between the childhood and the adulthood.


First, I produced the Umbra's animatic. It's an animated storyboard. I also made the sound design.

Then, I researched for a graphic style. You can find here the different references that inspired me.

Umbra's illustrations are mostly created in vectorial drawings but a parts of the graphic elements were obtained with Indian ink drawings.