Blended Harmony, what is it ?

Blended Harmony is an interactive, gaming, and sound installation that can be played by one or two persons. The interaction is done through a kinect and the installation is projected on the wall facing the users. The installation offers to the users the possibily to create their world with the available materials. They can blend them to create rural or urban structures according to their choices. The aim is to create a stable world. The installation's atmosphere evolves depending on the harmony between the two kinds of structures, both visiually and on the sound level.

Blended Harmony is also available as an online game.



How to play ?

Slide the materials on the crafting table to blend them together.

Rural or urban structures created by the different combinations increase your score.

The harmony between the urban and rural structures provides a better score.

You can visualize the structures for which you found the combinations in the menu STRUCTURES. For each combination discovered you have their points' value, the recipe and the eventual generated material.

Some structures produce level 2 or level 3 materials that allow to create other materials' types.

The structures created with level 2 or level 3 materials give more points. Some structures are also productive over time and give points throughout all the game.

When you make a wrong combination, a landfill is created and you lose points.


laura maugeri

Laura made the graphics and the animations. She researched a funny and attractive visual identity. The idea was to render an uncluttered, light and poetic look. The structures' graphics vary according to their type. The rural structures have bright colors and the urban structures have desaturate colors. Each base is recognizable by its color : the rural bases are brown and the urban bases are grey. The background is also evolving, its color changes as a function of the percentage of rural and urban elements. You can also visualize it in the score bar.

gaël maistriau

Gaël made the game's programming. His job was to create a functional and interactive installation. To code this installation, he used Processing and different librairies such as SimpleOpenNI for the kinect detection or OSC for the data sending. The web game's version is programmed in processing.js.

erwan charlie dodson

Erwan made the installation's sound atmosphere. With the OSC data sended by Gaël, he generated sounds matching the elements created in the game. The overall soundscape evolves with the creation of structures by the players. The imbalance between rural and urban structures is represented by sound glitches when players build too much elements of one type. It's also an indication of their mistakes.

Ganja White Night